West Valley High School

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School Closure: School is closed through the 2019-2020 School Year. Please see our announcements section for updates.

Mr. West Valley Pageant

Specialty Awards:

Mr. Talent: Evan Hager

Mr. Comedian: Taylor (TJ) Rohrig

Mr. Congeniality: Isaac Smith

The Spirit of the Eagle: Jacob Green


Main Awards:

“Fancy Freshman”  Kelson Ramelow

“Snazzy Sophomore”  Bryce Cassell

“Jazzy Junior”  Rainy McCollum

“Mr. West Valley”  Joe Foxworth


Other participants that had some delightful performances and are equally deserving of recognition for stepping into the ring:  Kade Barry, Matthew Buck, Jared Anselmo, Michael Vargas, Kolby Green, Dan Miller.

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