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About WVHS


At West Valley High School, we value the importance of each and every student and staff member being actively engaged in teaching and learning from bell to bell.
As a staff, we strive to accomplish this goal by creating rigor in the classrooms and developing meaningful relationship with students.

At West Valley, we encourage all students to take relevant and challenging courses tailored to their future goals. It is our desire that every student graduates from WVHS with a college ready transcript. We strive to remove hurdles and provide every opportunity possible for students to experience success. Whether it be school/district funded PSAT/SAT testing, the Homework Center or morning Teacher Access time, the WVHS staff is committed to supporting ALL students. We encourage all students to stretch themselves in the selection of their academic classes as well as choosing to become involved in our rich variety of athletics and school supported clubs and activities. Regardless of your interests, there is something for everyone at West Valley High School.