West Valley High School

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Staff Directory



Title Last Name First Name Email  
Principal Mulvey Ryan email ryan.mulvey@wvsd.org
Assistant Principal Smith Jeff email j.smith@wvsd.org
Dean Of Students Stinger Lindsay email lindsay.stinger@wvsd.org
Deputy Resource Officer Cashman Ed email ed.cashman@wvsd.org
Athletic Director Nilles Jamie email jamie.nilles@wvsd.org
Head Secretary Kingsley Lindsey email lindsey.kingsley@wvsd.org
Business Office Secretary Mumaw Sally email sally.mumaw@wvsd.org
Attendance Secretary Allen Ruth email ruth.allen@wvsd.org
Secretary Bergman Connie email connie.bergman@wvsd.org


Title Last Name First Name Email  
Counselor Finnegan Katrina email katrina.finnegan@wvsd.org
Counselor/Activities Coordinator Henry Tami email tami.henry@wvsd.org
Counselor Krestian Reghan email reghan.krestian@wvsd.org
Career Specialist Reeder Debbie email debbie.reeder@wvsd.org
Secretary Pietz Meagan email meagan.pietz@wvsd.org
Registrar Mohr Stacey email stacey.mohr@wvsd.org


Last Name First Name  Title Email  
 Ahumada Marcos  Math Teacher email marcos.ahumada@wvsd.org
 Aitken Cory  Math Teacher email cory.aitken@wvsd.org
 Andrews Joe  Special Education Teacher email joseph.andrews@wvsd.org
 Aulisio Courtney  Science Teacher email courtney.aulisio@wvsd.org
 Bauman Bill  Science/CTE Teacher email bill.bauman@wvsd.org
 Berry Bruce  Social Studies Teacher email bruce.berry@wvsd.org
 Brown Ty  Social Studies Teacher email ty.brown@wvsd.org
 Bullis Delvone  ELA Teacher email delvone.bullis@wvsd.org
 Cahalan Jodee  Social Studies Teacher email jodee.cahalan@wvsd.org
 Carasco Randy  ELA Teacher email randy.carasco@wvsd.org
 Cerenzia Adam  Special Education Teacher email adam.cerenzia@wvsd.org
 Coulston Christine  English Teacher email christine.coulston@wvsd.org
 Dalke Lesley  CTE Teacher email lesley.dalke@wvsd.org
 Fadeley Ned  Social Studies Teacher email ned.fadeley@wvsd.org
 Groesbeck Marci  Social Studies Teacher email marci.groesbeck@wvsd.org
 Groshoff Eric  CTE Teacher email eric.groshoff@wvsd.org
 Hensley Geoff  Special Education Teacher email geoff.hensley@wvsd.org
 Hill Thomas  Science Teacher email thomas.hill@wvsd.org
 Jones Dina  French Teacher email dina.jones@wvsd.org
 King Mary-Pat  Art Teacher email mary.king@wvsd.org
 Kuhl Rick  CTE Teacher email rick.kuhl@wvsd.org
 LaChance Lucy  Science Teacher email lucy.lachance@wvsd.org
 Leinweber David  CTE Teacher email david.leinweber@wvsd.org
 Linton Dirk  CTE Teacher email dirk.linton@wvsd.org
 Marlow Dave  Math Teacher email dave.marlow@wvsd.org
 Moir John  Spanish Teacher email john.moir@wvsd.org
 Murphy Kevin  Special Education Teacher email kevin.murphy@wvsd.org
 Nelson Clay  Social Studies Teacher email clay.nelson@wvsd.org
 Payne Shante  Special Education Teacher email shante.payne@wvsd.org
 Perry Cheryl  CTE Teacher email cheryl.perry@wvsd.org
 Preston Carol  ELA Teacher email carol.preston@wvsd.org
 Quirk Lonnie  ELA Teacher email lonnie.quirk@wvsd.org
 Remington Jason  Math Teacher email jason.remington@wvsd.org
 Rose Myrna  Math Teacher email myrna.rose@wvsd.org
 Shryock Brandon  ELA Teacher email brandon.shryock@wvsd.org
 Sloan Mary  Spanish Teacher email mary.sloan@wvsd.org
 Totton Shelli  PE Teacher email shelli.totton@wvsd.org
 Voss Rebecca  Math Teacher email rebecca.voss@wvsd.org
 Wallace Vic  PE Teacher email victor.wallace@wvsd.org
 Warren Steve  Science Teacher email steve.warren@wvsd.org
 Westlund Nathan  Band/Strings/Choir  email nathan.westlund@wvsd.org
 Whitney Craig  PE Teacher email craig.whitney@wvsd.org


Last Name    First Name
   Title    Email  
Alsperger   Lorie   Paraeducator   email lorie.alsperger@wvsd.org
Ashley   Tyrone   Paraeducator   email tyrone.ashley@wvsd.org
Delisle   Kim   Paraeducator   email kim.delisle@wvsd.org
Gilden    Kelli    Paraeducator    email kelli.gilden@wvsd.org
Honnold   Becky   Paraeducator   email rebecca.honnold@wvsd.org
Jones    Rick    Paraeducator    email rick.jones@wvsd.org
MacLay   Sarah   Paraeducator   email sarah.maclay@wvsd.org
Palmer   Crystal   Paraeducator   email crystal.palmer@wvsd.org
Steele    Shiela    Paraeducator/Library    email shiela.steele@wvsd.org


Last Name    First Name
Anderson   Katie   Nutrition Services    
Connett    Kim    Nutrition Services Manager     
Estell   Toni   Nutrition Services    
Langford    Jeanette    Nutrition Services     


Last Name    First Name
Brown   Mark   Custodian    
Denney    Dan   Head Custodian     
Evans   Nichole   Custodian    
Forkner    Rita    Custodian     
Van Bebber   Darrin   Custodian