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Counselor's Corner 

Welcome to the West Valley High School's Counselor's Corner. The Guidance Program is an integral part of the West Valley High School educational program. We are committed to helping students develop their personalities, intellect and talents. We are concerned with the emotional and social, as well as educational and career development of West Valley High School students.

We provide information that will help students in making decisions about both current high school and post high school plans. This is done by meeting with students in groups and individually. We provide support in helping students work through problems to make good decisions.

Parents, we encourage you to contact your student’s counselor whenever you have any concerns or questions.


Kyle Bush- Senior/Sophomore  Counselor  [email protected]

Reghan Krestian- Junior/Freshman Counselor  [email protected]

Katrina Finnegan- Special Education Counselor  [email protected]

Rosalie Sigler- GEAR UP Site Coordinator  [email protected]

Debbie Reeder- K-12 Career Specialist  [email protected]

Connie Bergman- Counseling Secretary  [email protected]